Luxury Cruises to Japan

During a cruise to Japan with Celebrity, you’ll visit extraordinary cities with an ancient culture that seamlessly blends with the country’s ultra-modern architecture and lifestyle. Japan cruises offer you the chance to discover captivating Shinto shrines, stroll through meticulously-planned formal gardens, savor the freshest sushi, and visit some of the world’s most beautiful mountain scenery.

Visit Tokyo, where you can explore the city’s intricate temples, shop in its bustling markets, and enjoy its diverse and delicious food. You’ll also visit Kyoto, where Buddhist temples and the gracefully curved nagare-zukuri style of architecture contribute to the city’s celebrated beauty. Admire Mount Fuji, the highest mountain in the country, its snow-capped cone a symbol of Japan. Uncover the rich history, serene nature, and modern buzz of Japan on a luxury cruise to Asia with Celebrity Cruises.

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