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Photo courtesy of Royal Carribean


Jump on a satisfying study in contrasts, from the black Baltic to the azure Aegean, and from medieval castles to modern skyscrapers with a cruise to Europe.

As you Cruise to Europe, peer over the side of your ship as it approaches the weathered spires of old-town Copenhagen, the sun-bleached houses of Santorini, the colourful cliffs of the Mediterranean or the Celtic cliffs of the British Isles. Dive into Croatia’s waterfalls and France’s famous rivers and let the eclecticism of Europe delight you again and again. Culinary excellence also awaits, from familiar favourites like Italian pasta and Spanish tapas, to lesser-known cuisines from Amsterdam to Zagreb. Discover the magic with a Europe cruise.

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Europe with Celebrity Cruises

CELEBRITY BEYOND Italy, Croatia, & Montenegro 8 nightsItaly: Rome (Civitavecchia), At Sea, Croatia: Dubrovnik, Montenegro: Kotor, Greece: Corfu, Greece: Zakynthos, At Sea, Italy: Naples /

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